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Top 3 Video Editing Software for Low-end PC

Do you want to edit your videos for YouTube or for your business but your laptop or PC is not supporting to edit your videos. Not to worry, I have a solution for your problem. 

Many of the beginners who want to edit their videos do face this issue, even I started my video editing journey on a low-end laptop and it took a couple of weeks to edit a single video. I have posted the challenges that I faced while editing my video at the end of this blog. Read through it if you would like to know.

Now, what’s most important for video editing is your CPU and GPU. In today’s article, I want to introduce to you the best video editing software for low-end PCs. It will also help you make a good experience in editing your videos for YouTube.

Now, let us see the video editors for low-end computers

Free & Paid Video Editing Software For Low-End PC

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is one of the best video editors that can run on a very low-end configuration machine. It is a non-linear video editor specifically for the Windows platform. It has many video editing features that can help you in editing your videos. 

This video editor would be the best if you just want to start exploring video editing as this can work perfectly on a low-end pc.

Also, to add on you can edit your videos easily by watching a couple of tutorials on the internet, and using this editor, you can create 4K videos.

System Requirement for VSDC Video Editor

MemoryMinimum 2GB RAM
If you want a smooth video editing process and HD / 4K videos, please take note of the below configurations as well
For HD Videos, you need a minimum of 8GB of RAM
For 4K videos, you  need a minimum of 16GB of RAM
GPUFor HD & few 4K medias2GB of GPU
For all 4K videos 4GB or more of GPU
ProcessorIntel or AMD compatible processor with minimum 1.5Ghz frequency
For HD / 4K videos
It is recommended to choose:
Intel 7th Gen or higher Or AMD Ryzen 3000 series or newer CPU
Operating SystemWindows XP / 7 / 8/ 10 / 11

Note: VSDC video editor v6.7 or later is supported in Windows 11 OS
Storage500MB of disk space for installation

This VSDC video editor is available in the FREE version for non-commercial use and educational purpose. However, if you want to enjoy its full benefits and use it for professional needs, you need to purchase the VSDC Pro Version


Shotcut is one of the widely used video editors and you could consider this editor for your PC or laptop. Also, note that this is an open-source video editor that is available in cross-platforms ie., Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

Using Shotcut, you can start editing your videos for absolutely FREE. Read the article, to find out other top free and open-source video editors available in the market. 

When compared to Shotcut, VSDC works perfectly in low machine configurations. However, check the below table for the required configuration to run Shotcut on your PC

System Requirement for Shotcut

MemoryMinimum 4GB RAM
For HD Videos, you need a minimum of 8GB of RAM
For 4K videos, you  need a minimum of 16GB of RAM
GPUOpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9 or 11 drivers 
ProcessorX86 – 64 Intel or AMD ProcessorFor SD Videos, Minimum one 2GHz CoreFor HD VideosMinimum 4 CoresFor 4K VideosMinimum 8 Cores
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11Apple macOS 10.10 to 10.1564-bit Linux with minimum glibc 2.27
StorageTheir tech spec does not mention any specific number, it is just that the higher the storage, it’s better

This free tool is something that you should use and try to edit videos. You will have enormous tutorials on YouTube, go through them before trying your hands on the tool.

Few important points to note:

You may encounter crashing of the software while you are using it, so make sure to save your progress often. However, the best part of this editor is that even if it crashes, it automatically recovers your project.

But to be on the safer side, irrespective of whichever editor you use, make sure to save your progress frequently.

Also, note that if your PC or laptop is having the lower-end configuration of CPU & RAM, you need to use the Proxy and the Preview Scaling features of Shotcut to reduce the preview log while editing your videos.

Keep these points in your mind and enjoy editing in this free tool.


Filmora is one of the most popular video editors for beginners. If you are just learning to edit your videos, there is no easier software than Filmora. 

It has a very simple user interface with tons of video editing features that you would fall in love with. This tool can make your editing process easy, so no matter if you want to edit videos for your YouTube channel or for your business, Filmora just serves the purpose.

I have been using Filmora for more than a year now and I’m just loving the smooth video editing process without any crashes. 

As per the mentions in the tech spec of Filmora, it requires the below minimum configuration for your PC or laptop.

System Requirement for Filmora

MemoryMinimum 4GB RAM
For HD & 4K Videos, you need a minimum of 8GB of RAM
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later, Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later, AMD Radeon R5 or later
2GB of vRAM
For HD & 4K Videos, you need a minimum of 4GB GPU
ProcessorIntel i3 or better processor with minimum 1.5Ghz frequency or above
For HD & 4K Videos, Intel 6th Generation or higher is recommended
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11Apple macOS 10.7 to v12
Storage10GB of free hard-disk space for installation

If your purpose of editing the video is for YouTube or for your business, Filmora can easily serve your purpose. 

When none of these system requirement suits your PC specs, either you should consider upgrading your PC for video editing or check for some online video editing tools that you could use.

Frequently Asked Question

FAQ's on Video Editing Software

Is 4GB RAM enough for video editing?

It totally depends on your requirement and the answer can be both Yes and No. If your video editing work is very minimal, 4GB RAM would be sufficient as mentioned in this blog post. 

If you are planning to edit video in 4K resolution, then you might want to consider a minimum of 8GB RAM.

And if you are using some professional video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro, you would need a minimum of 16GB of RAM

So, the choice is completely yours, based on your video editing requirement, you need to choose your system configuration.

Now, let me share the challenges that I faced while editing my video on a low-end laptop. If you would like to know, read the post below and you’ll get an idea about the challenges and how much time I spent editing this video.

Challenges I faced while I was editing my video on a low-end laptop

The video that I was editing is on creating a website and it’s almost a 2-hour step-by-step tutorial to create a website from scratch. If you would like to watch that video, you can view it here


So, here the clear winner is VSDC because it needs the minimum system requirements to edit your videos. This is a freemium editor, so if you want to use this for professional purposes, please purchase the pro version of the VSDC Video editor.

However, if you want to use a free open-source video editor that requires the least system requirement, go ahead with Shotcut.

Finally, if you want to edit your videos with ease and also make your videos look professional without using complex video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Without any second thought, go with Filmora!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, let me know in the comments which video editing software you are going to use. If you have any questions, post them below, I will try my best to answer all your queries.

And if you are a busy business owner or YouTuber or a subject matter expert who can’t afford to spend time editing your videos and looking for a freelance video editor, feel free to contact me at [email protected] with your requirement. 

I’ll be glad to help you and save your precious time. 

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