GrooveFunnels Review – Check if have you really hit the jackpot?

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Have an online business that you want to grow and manage like an expert? Window shopping for resources on a hundred different platforms, may not do you any good. The smart and simple option, is to find all the necessary solutions under one virtual roof. Check if you have really hit the jackpot.

GrooveFunnels is that platform which covers all your needs, to smoothly & expertly run an online business. It is an all in one suite of online marketing tools for digital marketers.

The platform offers to its users a comprehensive selection of solutions for creating sales funnels, landing pages, websites, sell products, create an online store, do email marketing and much more.

It provides assistance not only in selling physical or digital products but also in generating revenue by granting access to the GrooveFunnels payment gateways.

GrooveFunnels has garnered a positive feedback in the online marketing industry, in a relatively short time. In this review, let us learn more about it and its various products and offerings.

Product Overview

  VendorMike Filsaime
  Price$1397 with 4, 6 and 12 easy monthly payment modes available  
  Official WebsiteVisit GrooveFunnels Here
  Refund30 days Money Back Guarantee
  SupportJoin GrooveFunnels official facebook group here
  NicheAll-in-one suite of online marketing tools

What do you get inside GrooveFunnels?

GroovePages (Website & Landing Page Builder)

GroovePages, is what you need to lay the foundation of your online business. GroovePages offers a seamless experience of creating websites, landing pages, funnels and sales pages.

Some of the other benefits & features that you can derive from GroovePages are:-

  • Pre-built & customizable website themes and templates
  • Simple drap & drop editor to design websites
  • Free hosting
  • Checkout option for your website
  • Option for upselling, down-selling and order bumping
  • Fully functional brand website with complete navigation
  • Ability to sell unlimited products through unlimited funnels

You can start building your funnels or website with GroovePages, once you have signed up to your FREE account.

With GroovePages’ pre built website templates, simple drag & drop editor and a step by step guide, building the sales funnels, website or creating sales funnels for your businesses may now be a piece of cake!

Watch the complete beginners guide to working with GroovePages below

GrooveSell (Shopping Cart)

Another amazing online sales tool that you can avail of, on signing up with GrooveFunnels is GrooveSell. GrooveSell is a pretty sturdy shopping cart platform. In functionality it is similar to ThriveCart, SamCart, PayKickStart.

With GrooveSell you can build your online store and sell digital products and/or services with much ease.


GrooveSell enables you to process payments from your customers. With their Platinum subscription you can also keep all your savings, as GrooveSell would not deduct any transaction fee.

While small businesses can benefit from the host of features and ease of using GrooveSell. It also is a great go to option for influencers, coach, online course creators and the likes.

GrooveMail (Email Marketing Automation Tool)

In the world of online marketing, Email marketing is by far the most personal means of communicating with your prospective customer base. Email marketing when done right, can immediately up the interest of the receiver and establish your credibility as the sender. GrooveMail skilfully powers your email marketing.

GrooveFunnels recognises the vital role of emails in successfully running an online business. And thus, GrooveMail is engineered to regulate email marketing and simplify email analytics for you.

As an online marketer your email list may well be your most priced possession. With GrooveMail you can execute sequence automation as well as broadcasting. It also allows for text and voice SMS broadcasting.

This email marketing platform can help you to:-

  • Create your emails from the beginning, or choose a pre existing theme
  • Import your list of prospects into your campaign individually or via .CSV file
  • Gain necessary insights about the effectiveness of your email campaign by tracking open rate, click through rate, target audience engagement and much more.

Watch the below tutorial to create your first campaign using GrooveMail

GrooveMember (Membership Management Platform)

Next in the GrooveFunnels’ list of handy internet marketing tools is GrooveMember.

GrooveMember is a membership management platform. It facilitates creation of membership sites within minutes! If you are looking to render courses online, GrooveMember can be your best pal!

It allows you to host courses as well as authenticate your students’ learnings with its built in certification option. You can post a variety of content on the platform, while allowing free or paid access as per your wish.

Since GrooveFunnels is an all in one software, GrooveMember can be easily integrated with other tools / products offered by GrooveFunnels.


In online marketing, when you think of what corresponds to user engagement, informative videos definitely top the list!

GrooveFunnels brings to you GrooveVideo, a platform to host and market your videos. GrooveVideo is similar to Vimeo or Wistia but not the same as them, as it does not provide for creation of videos.

However, with the free version of GrooveVideo, you will not be provided with the FREE 100GB STORAGE. You will need to connect to your Amazon S3 account to be able to upload up to 15 videos.

With GrooveVideo platform, you can:-

  • Convert any video into a robust marketing tool
  • Have your own player skins, player controls and autoplay
  • Share your videos on social media
  • Add tags to your videos and incorporate calls-to-action
  • Get insights about user engagement and suggestions about what type of videos can be created for better results

GrooveKart (eCommerce Platform)

GrooveKart is a stand alone eCommerce marketing platform. It could be seen as similar to Shopify, except that it is way better!

In addition to being cheaper, GrooveKart offers a host of other features that give it an edge over its direct competitor.

GrooveKart enables you to sell physical products over the internet with powerful tools and features like pre built templates, review options, upsell, down-sell option, shipping features, order bumps, built in support desk, intelligent reporting, analytics and much more.


Systematically building and managing affiliate relationships can take you a long way in strengthening your online business.

GrooveFunnels brings to all the online marketers, a powerful tool in the affiliate realm : GrooveAffiliate. It is is offered as a part of GrooveFunnels.

Managing affiliates for your online business is made easy by GrooveAffiliate. It is a complete and flexible affiliate management system. Check the different affiliate marketing networks that you could join to promote different products and make more money.

Using GrooveAffiliate, you can skilfully manage every aspect of affiliate marketing. It equips you to track the number of affiliates promoting your online course or product, monitor their conversion rate and clear their payments all without bearing any additional cost.

Future products of GrooveFunnels


GrooveFunnels has recognized the immense power of content that connects to its readers. GrooveBlog will be engineered to publish content to create the required buzz on Google.

Though WordPress has so far been the preferred publishing platform for most, GrooveBlog is expected to make a place of its own by simplifying the entire process.

For WordPress patrons, GrooveFunnel builders can integrate well with WordPress. So you can publish your content to WordPress directly, without having to leave your GrooveBlog editor.


Slated for launch in January 2021 is the webinar hosting software by GrooveFunnels – GrooveWebinar. It will allow its users to create and host both live and automated webinars, optimize replays, track views and send automated follow-up emails.


Customer support is the backbone of any successfully run online business. GrooveFunnels’ GrooveDesk is a customer support or help desk software. It enables its users to resolve grievances or queries in connection to their GrooveFunnels.

For example, a course creator using GrooveMember for hosting his/her course online may be able to handle any communication with students via GrooveDesk. The student can raise tickets for refund or for any other support needed, through GrooveDesk.


Nothing stays organised like Calendar! GrooveCalendar would work pretty much like Calendly. Whether you are a freelancing professional, consultant, speaker or coach, GrooveCalendar is designed with features to make your life easy and more sorted than ever.

You will be able to integrate GrooveCalendar with GrooveMail, so as to add your customers / clients to your email sequence or workflow. It will in turn trigger email automation and save you from moments of OOPS!


Surveys always come in handy to get valuable insights from your audience and thereby generate sales leads.

GrooveSurvey by GrooveFunnels is a tool for conducting such online surveys.

You may have heard of SurveyMonkey, GrooveSurvey works pretty much the same. Even though its features are not as refined yet, it does the job.

With GrooveSurvey you may conduct professional surveys on your site and also integrate it with GrooveMail to put together an email list and automate email correspondence.

Is GrooveFunnels of any use to you?

Oh YES! It Is

With tools like GrooveSell, GroovePages, GrooveVideo, GrooveWebinars, GrooveMember, GrooveBlog etc. GrooveFunnels can be of spectacular use to you if you want to succeed in your online business.

It can help in building high converting sales funnels, hosting membership sites, creating and marketing content online, providing assistance to your customers, engaging in email correspondence to secure patronage and trust from your client base etc.

AND to add on GroovePages & GrooveSell is FREE for lifetime, so what can stop us from trying this?

So go ahead and give it a try if you are any of the below

  • An online marketer
  • Course creator & teacher
  • Agencies
  • Blogger
  • eCommerce website owner

Top 10 reasons why you should build your business on GrooveFunnels

Watch this entire video to learn about all the benefits of using GrooveFunnels to build your business!

Sign up for your FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels Pricing

Very soon you will be paying $299/month for the Platinum monthly plan, that would get you all the core products offered by GrooveFunnels at over $3500.00 per year. Ouch! Now that is a big number, isn’t it?

But worry NOT!

Since GrooveFunnels is currently offering its users a limited period offer of a Lifetime Platinum Deal and you can start availing its benefits for as less as $0!

You can continue to use the services, essentially free of cost for upto 14 days.

Post the 14 day period, you will be required to pay a monthly charge of $497 for the following 4 months.

You could alternatively choose to pay 6 easy monthly payments of $388 or 12 easy monthly payments of $249.

GrooveFunnels also offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you want MORE benefits as well as MORE savings, GrooveFunnels suggests that you go for the one time payment option of $1397 and enjoy the entire suite of internet marketing tools provided by GrooveFunnels for your lifetime!

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Upgrade

All that’s Good & Bad with GrooveFunnels


  • An All in One Marketing platform. No need to go shopping for softwares / tools to grow your online business, on a hundred different platform
  • GrooveFunnels is created by one of the cofounders of KARTRA
  • Free Hosting for Lifetime
  • Free GroovePages and GrooveSell for lifetime
  • Simple drag and drop software which is hosted on cloud
  • Creating Funnels is intuitive and user friendly
  • Flexible payment options. You can pay less and get more with its Lifetime Deal 
  • All the tools are well integrated with each other


  • GrooveFunnels is not completely free of bugs yet as it is still in BETA
  • Many features / tools are under development 
  • You might feel overwhelmed and it would need steep learning curve as you will be working with a host of software’s at a time

Important FAQ’s

Does GrooveFunnels provide hosting

YES, it does. Along with unlimited storage and bandwidth

Can I import Funnels ?

YES, you can very well import funnels. You may connect with the domain you own to import the funnels.

Where can I report concerns about bugs in new tools?

Does it allow funnel sharing?

YES, it does. You can specifically email your funnels to whoever you want or simply share the link

What is GrooveDigital?

It is the parent company of GrooveFunnels

Does GroovePages have free SSL?

YES, you get a free SSL Certificate with your free CloudFlare account

Can GrooveFunnels integrate with my email auto responder

YES, you can integrate with your email auto responders like ConverKit or ActiveCampaign

What is GrooveFunnels mobile first indexing feature

Google will now consider your mobile page before your desktop page for indexing and ranking. As GrooveFunnels uses the Mobile First Indexing feature you can be rest assured about your page rankings

Will I need anything else after buying GrooveFunnels

NO. Since GrooveFunnels is an All-in-one marketing platform, once all their products are launched, you will not need anything else to smoothly carry on your online endeavour.

You can also integrate the tools that you prefer and already use, with GrooveFunnels.

Is there a Facebook group?

YES, there is an official GrooveFunnels Facebook group where you can get support from many Groove users and also stay updated about the new softwares, tools, trainings, etc.


GrooveFunnels has quite deservingly managed to grab the attention of online marketers in a very short span of time. With its robust features and an all inclusive suite of tools, it compels any online marketer to surely think about giving it a shot!

The sturdy funnel building experience, user friendly website builders, customer support and email marketing capabilities, affiliate program granting substantial commissions, robust platform for hosting membership sites, are all made to get you ahead of the game in the internet marketing arena.

The well integrated software’s and management through a central dashboard make it a perfect fit for beginners as well as the experienced lot.

Its currently available Lifetime Membership deal at $1397, providing all features in a single package definitely makes for a mouth watering proposition.

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